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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Skype connecting Malaysia - UK

Ok. Start with Bismillahirahmanirahim..

Firstly nak ucapkan trima kasih kat Cik Raihana sebab comment last entry request more entry. Hihi... before this malas sbb rase mcm takde reader pun blog ni.. so biarkan tanpa melawat. Sorry sgt2 sbb lame tak update k kwn2? =)

and also i saw in the list of visitors got from other countries. A big surprise because i didnt use english to write my entries. Maybe Malaysian but living in others countries. But I dont know. I apology if I'm not writing english. It more easier to story in my own language. But I try some to make it fair. =)

If there anyone didn't know about Skype? Skype is being popular these days. Its can be download at the internet for use on computer or mobile phone. OK don't laugh too much. Im not going to explain skype like teacher did in class. *and tetibe ckp omputeh ni knape? adei..Haha.

I use it to talk with my family, friends, and special boyfriend. hihi. "Even long distance but still leh skype lagi kan.." this sentence slalu kami guna untuk menyedapkan hati bile dah berjauhan ni. OK mane sama skype dgn jumpa depan2 kan? *ttbe rase kekok nak tulis blog balik. and tetibe rase mengantuk. im feel sleepy now and it my bedtime. Im going to sleep now then. See u guys tomorrow. I try to write more about experience in the next entry.

* everyone knows what skype is. Is a boring topic but I love it. I really miss my hometown now..


  1. hehe. tau xpe. skype dari dulu smpai skarang membantu. bercinta gune skype je kan org skang :P

  2. hihi.. ttbe terpikir mcm mane org dulu2 blaja jauh2. lg romantik and sentimental post2 surat... huhuh..



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